Link With Love


One of my goals in starting A Manner of Travel is to curate ideas, words, articles, art, and sounds that intrigue, challenge, or inspire me.

The Internet is a vast, and expanding, landscape of images, words, and ideas… and it’s so easy to copy and paste, or otherwise redistribute, without giving proper credit.

Link with Love is the brainchild of Kal Barteski, one of my favourite bloggers. I’ve been a loyal follower of Kal’s blog, Love Life, for about 6 years. In 2011, Kal wrote a post about discovering that a piece of her artwork had been shared over 1 million times online, and was being sold by a retailer, all without any credit to her as an artist! Not cool.

Link with Love was borne out of the experience. The site aims shares information on intellectual property ethics and guidelines and encourages readers to pass on the message.

So, this is my promise to do my best to give credit where credit is due.

If you have concerns or comments about anything posted on A Manner of Travel, please get in touch and let me know.

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